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The blue whales were present in all major oceans across the world until the start of this century. The festival is a great place to find a whale watching tour, learn more about humpback whales in costa rica, and meet others interested in marine life. But this reputation means that places as beautiful as the nicoya peninsula can get crowded. Come december to april, other whales come in to costa rica from antarctica to mate and nest.

Whale watching in costa rica costa rica sailing tours. Whale watching and dolphin watching in costa rica, during this tour we can see the humpback whales, spotted dolphins, bottle noses, turtles and sea birds combined with snorkeling in the tail of the whale or whale island where you can see different types of reef fish. The warm waters off the southern pacifics osa peninsula are costa ricas most. Costa rica has become the worlds premier ecotourism destination, and for good reason.

Golfito, puerto jimenez, drake bay and sierpe are excellent jumpoff points for your whale watching tour, where these incredible. Aug 16, 2017 costa rica is home to the longest season for whale watching in the world, and september kicks off the peak of one of two of the most popular times of year to witness humpback whales who migrate to the warm and rich waters of marino ballena to give birth to their young. Costa rica whale watching ecotourists and wildlife enthusiasts will be blown away in our exhilarating whale watching and dolphin encounter costa rica combo tour. Ballena national marine park whale watching costa rica. In most areas, dedicated whalewatching tours are uncommon. Whale and dolphin watching boat tour bahia rica adventures. Costa rica whales and dolphins map, tour operator in costa rica. Humpback whales burst from the pacific ocean like gentle behemoths, their blow holes shooting jetsam some 20 feet in the air.

These long routes make them one of the farthest migrating animals on earth. On this costa rica whale watching and dolphin tour you will. Apr 29, 2019 costa rica whale watching tours whale watching tours manuel antonio. Costa rica has the longest humpback whale watching season in the world. You can start by downloading our free costa rica travel tips ebook and joining our newsletter which is a great first start to your trip planning. The marino ballena national park is home to one of the most biologically diverse marine habitats in costa rica. The best place to go whale watching in costa rica is the countrys pacific coast, as humpback whales migrate through the region between late july and november and again between december and march. Costa ricas famous whale tail is located in the small town of uvita, about an hour south of manuel antonio and is part of parque nacional marino ballena the national marine whale park. It is the largest known animal of the world which is 30 metres approximately 98 ft in length and 180 metric tons or even more in weight.

And if you didnt know, costa rica also hosts the worlds longest humpback whalewatching season in the world. Visit guatemala, take a whale watching vacation to guatemala, and enjoy a whale watching trip in guatemala. The first tour was the turtle tour which included an in person viewing of turtles coming to shore to dig and lay their eggs at a beach within the guanacaste province of costa rica. We invite you to come join us on one of our boat tours and experience nature as it happens on the osa peninsula, costa rica. Located on costa ricas amazingly beautiful central pacific coastline, the small. Of course the whales are wild and there is never any guarantee that youll see them, but your captain and guides will be in constant contact by radio with other boats all. Travelers can get their adrenaline pumping on an atv tour, which allows them to drive an adventure vehicle through costa ricas rugged terrain. Northern hemisphere whales head to central america from alaska from the months of december to march. We have costa rican guides who know these waters well and will delight with excitement right along with you when you seen one breech for the very first. During the winter in the arctic approximately december to april, their cousins migrate from the far north to costa rica for romance and babymaking. See dolphins frolicking alongside the boat and whales in their natural habitat. Find your own personal slice of pura vida by heading out into the pacific ocean during this halfday private boat tour from samara beach.

Celebrated for its incredible biodiversity, the uvita area is a hot spot for ecotourism,whale watching tour, nature tours, adventure tours,snorkeling cano island boat. Oct 28, 2017 because of this, costa rica has the longest humpback whale season in the world a family of whales in costa rica. Various dolphin species play up and down the pacific coast, while the caribbean is home mostly to the bottlenose dolphin. May 20, 20 costa rica tours, tours costa rica, costa rica tours are pioneers in organizing tours throughout costa rica, costa rica tours invites you to experience a tou.

Dolphin and whalewatching tours depart daily from many points off the pacific coast. Whale watching costa rica is lucky enough to have two whale seasons during the year and you can get to join us on one. Changing tide tours finds the dolphins over 95% of the time. They are most likely to be seen in costa rica between august and october. There are many costa rica tours where visitors can enjoy this spectacle of mother nature while being amazed by the surrounding landscapes.

Whales spend more time in costa rican waters than anywhere else. We have more months with humpback whales in residence than anywhere else in the world. Of the worlds 76 dolphin and whale species, an estimated 25 migrate, mate, birth and feed in costa rican waters. There are many tours for whale watching in costa rica along the pacific coast. Visit costa rica, take a whale watching vacation to costa rica, and enjoy a whale watching trip in costa rica. This kayaking tour begins as the waves go to one side of the whales tail and the tide becomes low.

This whale specie comes to migrate in this country whenever winter comes in the antarctica between august to october. Top spots for whale watching in costa rica special places of. Technically classified as dolphins, orca killer whales, pseudo orca whales, and short. Costa rica celebrates the longest humpback whale season in the world. Humpback whale watching tour in costa rica dolphin. Whales give birth to their cubs on the beaches of costa rica, depending on season you often can see whales breach off of the beach. Jul 14, 2012 the blue whale, scientifically named balaenoptera musculus, is a mammal animal that belongs to the suborder of baleen whales.

Dyde whales are frequently seen in costa ricas northern caribbean sea. Beside them smaller fins of newborn humpback whales tentatively peek out from the water for breath, a regular sight along the ballena aventura whale watching tour. Northern humpbacks typically start to arrive in costa rica in december and can be seen until around april, while southern ones dont show up until later in. Celebrated for its incredible biodiversity, the uvita area is a hot spot for ecotourism, whale watching tour, nature tours, adventure tours,snorkeling cano island boat tours, conservationists and ecoadventurers alike.

The combo tour snorkeling, caves and whale watching tour is a nature enthusiasts dream and an animal lovers paradise. There are a few tour companies that operate whale and dolphin watching tours. Orca comun, espolante habitat open tropical, temperate, and polar seas are home to the orca. Whale watching in costa rica calendar and locations the table shows the best times and places to add a humpback whale watching expedition to your costa rica vacation.

Whale watching tours and snorkeling excursions are your best bets to see them. Jul 12, 2017 costa rica whale watching tour destinations. Dolphin the eco experience of a lifetime in costa rica. About half are commonly spotted off the south pacific, including brydes whales, humpback whales, and sei whales. The north pacific group, estimated at around 15,000 whales, feed in the summer along the coast from california to alaska and migrate in the winter januaryapril to breeding grounds off of hawaii, mexico, costa rica, and japan, according to the marine center. Perhaps the best place to see these majestic creatures is the osa peninsula, located in the southern portion of puntarenas province. There are no specific whale watching tours out of tamarindo but you can go on a catamaran or sailing tour. Costa rica whales and dolphins map the country is a perfect place to see these incredible mammals in their natural habitat.

Snorkel in the colorful waters of marino ballena national park and explore the nearby mangrove forest. We had some great wildlife viewing on this trip including the following. Southern, antarcticbased humpback whales spend their winter months near australia and as far north as costa rica from june to november. Hence, whale watching in costa rica tours are not so uncommon. In summer it is the best time for snorkeling, this depends on the weather conditions. South puntarenas, northern region of the osa peninsula drake bay is one of the most isolated places in costa rica so you can either take a domestic flight or you can take a boat ride from sierpe. Because of this, costa rica has the longest humpback whale season in the world. If you are interested in whale watching during one of our sailing charters, please let us know that this is the goal of your trip. Costa rica is a great place for ecotourists to spot dolphins and whales.

This entry was posted on thursday, june 4th, 2015 at 9. Costa rica is one of the best places in the world to spot humpback whales. Costa rica travel tips, humpback whales, whale watching in costa rica 2015, whale watching tours costa rica, whales. King tours is the family costa rica tours travel company, dedicated to offering the costa ricas greatest nature and wildlife expeditions. Tours are available from drake bay, sierpe and uvita. Whale watching in costa rica two weeks in costa rica. From observing large pods of bottle nose, spotted, common or spinner. The focus of these tours is on whales, but youre likely to spot dolphins, sea turtles, rays, and other marine life while out on the water as well. Take a boat ride through ballena marine national park with sightings of not only whales, dolphins, and other marine life.

Whale and dolphin watching boat tour costa rica is one of the best places in the world to go whale and dolphin watching. The reason is because during the winter the antarctica august to october, humpbacks migrate from there to costa rica. Whale watching costa rica, dominical, puntarenas, costa rica. Biological reserve, another magical place for biological reserve, another magical place for snorkeling, in fact this island has the healthiest coral reef in costa rica. The diet of the blue whale like most creatures of its family consists mostly of small crustaceans or plankton present in the waters of costa rica. You can follow any responses to this entry through the rss 2. Costa rica whale watching and dolphin tour highlights. Whales and dolphins festival costa rica real estate. This national park, one of only two national marine parks in the country, consists of 270 protected land acres 110 hectares and,200 acres 5,375.

Whale watching ask for our packages flamingo costa rica. The whale tail at uvitas marino ballena national park two. Costa rica waters are home to dozens of marine species and we provide private small boat tours for you to observe them in their natural habitat. Costa rica is home to an estimated 25 whale and dolphin varieties, which migrate, mate and make their home in the pacific ocean and the caribbean sea. While it is possible to see whales all along the pacific coast and northern caribbean coast near tortuguero, they appear in the largest concentrations along the south pacific coast and the osa peninsula. This southern pacific region of costa rica, situated near the osa peninsula features unspoiled beauty.

These tours are generally performed on boats of varying length from 25 35 feet or so. Whale watching in costa rica costa rica vacations costa. Sep 06, 2011 costa rica holds the longest season for humpback whale watching in the world. This means that it is harder to see humpback whales during the december to april season, but not impossible. Youll travel as a group to visit a number of different areas in search of humpback whales, bottle nosed dolphins and schools of colorful tropical fish. Discover why this area attracts an estimated 25 whale and dolphin species. The warm waters off the southern pacifics osa peninsula are costa rica s most popular destination for whale watching. Visitors have a chance to see them during the season on a catamaran tour like planet dolphin. Bottlenose and spotted dolphins are commonly observed most of the year on the pacific coast. However, other species, such as the common bottlenose dolphin and pantropical spotted dolphins can also be viewed during whale or dolphin watching tours. Uvita bahia ballena is a privileged place for the best whale watching in costa. Also includes a guide hike to the archeological side of the island. In fact, the osa is home to the longest humpback whale watching season in the world.

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