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Solutions span the breadth of digital information operations, from compliant content management. The content administrator is responsible for all tasks that are relevant to the creation and management of content objects in the portal. Custom themes cannot be converted to sap belize automatically, you must create new ones. Based on market capitalization, it is the worlds third largest independent software. Sap help portal for sap build sap cloud platform document service manage your documents by following industrystandard oasis content management interoperability services and benefitting from versioning, hierarchies, access control, and document management. For more information, visit the portal and collaboration homepage. Enterprise portal administration what is single sign on sso once a user has authenticated to the sap ep, he doesnt need to enter his credentials again to access all the systems and backends sap and nonsap, ess, mss and services integrated into the ep. From system monitoring with sap solution manager to database administration. Each portal has its own content, which is designed to provide the information that is relevant for a particular company. Sap enterprise portal system administration course outline. Sap basis administrationpractical guide book and ebook. See also the information in the sap library on content administration. The following table lists the themes contained in the standard portal content shipped with the portal.

The sap extended enterprise content management sap extended ecm application by opentext covers everything from document and records management to information retrieval and collaboration by connecting emails, documents, and other content. Sap netweaver portal has undergone a major reorganization of the items in the toplevel navigation and detailed navigation in system administration and content administration roles. Log into sap enterprise portal with content administrator permission. Reimagine business through fully digitalized processes and realtime information. Overview my support overview knowledge base product support software downloads nextgeneration support application lifecycle management sap one. The portal content directory pcd is the main repository for portal content, both delivered with the portal and created by administrators. Sap portal content and site management by opentext. Instead of that the adobe document reader starts and shows the pdf document.

Sap solution manager content pdf information on how to access and use sap solution manager content to configure your applications according to business needs. Infrastructure nwdi can be used to transport portal content from the sp stack 11 shipment of sap. Sap security training central user administration cua deep dive complete sap security course duration. With wcm, casual or advanced content publishers can author, control, stage and publish unstructured content. The sap portal site management by opentext helps you run one or multiple portals with comprehensive, integrated web content management wcm. Sap extended ecm by opentext and sap information lifecycle management provide advanced content management to support your move to sap s4hana and create intelligent operations. For details, see reorganization of toplevel navigation and detailed navigation.

The sap portal site management application by opentext helps you run one or multiple portals with comprehensive, integrated web content management wcm. The webbased environment of the portal provides the business users in your organization secure access to a wide array of. Sap netweaver portal system administration transporting. Sap road maps support the journey to sap s future product portfolio and the intelligent enterprise. Integration of bw components in the portal administration layer.

Portal content is developed to give users access to certain information. Note the sap hana administration guide does not cover administration tasks related to some additional capabilities that may be installed in the sap hana system such as sap hana dynamic tiering and sap hana streaming analytics. Extended innovation and maintenance commitments for sap s4hana and sap business suite 7. Sap netweaver portal summary the sap netweaver portal offers basic content management. The disadvantage is, that you can not browse from one pdf document to an other. By assigning content to roles and roles to users, you define the content. Copy, move, edit, delete, add version, reserve tree view, content list, properities iviews discussions discussion forums threads and posts workflow. Netweaver portal content administration is the creation and maintenance of the following objects. Sap ep is a webbased platform for delivering information from various sources to. This business content consists of iviews bundled into hundreds of rolespecific business packages based on solutions from sap.

The portal content studio provides a central administrative environment in the. You can improve content authoring and editing, incorporate unstructured content. Portal content sap library administration of sap netweaver ce. Netweaver portal content administration is the creation and distribution of content in the netweaver portal.

Sap belize and belize deep themes are only supported by sap fiori 2. Step by step configuration document of employee self service ess applies to. Due to the temporary closure of training centers current status here, all planned classroom training courses in the affected countries have been converted to our virtual learning method sap. Enterprise portal administration portal community wiki. In the portal content administration, there are various portal objects available for application integration from backend. Sap r3 1 sap is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and softwarerelated service revenue. Leverage enterprise content management ecm for your sap. We use cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, improve performance, analyze traffic, and to personalize content. Configuring sap portal for use with contextsensitive help. Sap ag 2006, 2 learning objectives as a result of this session, you will learn.

Sap solution manager content pdf information on how to access and use sap solution manager content to configure your applications according to business needs technology consultants guide. Sap netweaver portal solution offers a single point of access to sap and nonsap information sources, enterprise applications, information repositories, databases. For the first step the employee finds his document in the employee service for. This allows you to search across not only courses within the education catalogue, but also across certifications, curriculum maps and. The sap hana administration guide is the central operations documentation for the onpremise deployment of the sap hana platform. The different administration tools for the portal access these objects and enable you to edit them. The portal content portfolio is your location for getting an overview on the predefined, packaged portal content delivered by sap. Why knowledge management strategies are important for organizations how sap netweaver knowledge management. Sap netweaver bi administration cockpit technical content. Your portal content administrator defines the iviews to which you have access. Find everything you need to know about sap basis administration via stepbystep instructions and hundreds of screenshots. Grant access to portal components for content administration activities lesson 4. Administering the portal content directory pcd sap help portal.

Configuring sap portal for use with contextsensitive help print friendly and pdf. It describes the sap analytics cloud lifecycle management features, as well as suggested workflows for bi content lifecycle management. Introduction to sap netweaver knowledge management km. The portal content studio has been revamped to make it easier to work with portal objects, especially when copying, moving and deleting objects.

Opentext offers the digital content platform to manage and deliver unstructured content to sap applications, dynamically, in context and on any device. Overview on developing secure applications based on the sap netweaver platform. Sap portal content management and site management by. Step by step configuration document of employee self. Content needs to be developed in a way that enables an organization to connect to their information repositories from the portal, retrieve data, and provide a. Performance management in sap the performance management application is organized in an employee and manager service. A new wizard helps content administrators when they want to copy, move or delete an object in the portal. Sie finden hier unsere lernpfade zu sap administration.

The infrastructure of sap netweaver portal includes a number of different objects, such as roles, worksets, pages, and iviews. Product capabilities for digital experience sap cloud. Sap extended enterprise content management by opentext suite 2010 content server 10. You can improve content authoring and editing, incorporate unstructured content into workflows, and streamline translation and information reuse. List the sap enterprise portal components requiring a backup and recovery solution unit 5.

Explore the sap help portal to find help content, product documentation, learning journeys, and more. The sap support portal is sap s award winning customerfacing website, which provides access to support tools, services and applications, as well as related documentation and community content. Enterprise portal administration and support sap blogs. Documentum web content management for the sap enterprise portal allows a complete webpublishing solution for sap enterprise portal applications i. Sap basis i about the tutorial sap basis refers to the administration of sap system that includes activities like installation and configuration, load balancing, and performance of sap applications running on java stack and sap. Enterprise portal administration what is single sign on sso once a user has authenticated to the sap ep, he doesnt need to enter his credentials again to access all the systems and backends sap and nonsap. Sap netweaver portal and content management sap netweaver portal and content management applies to. Sap netweaver portal is a scalable portal, with an open architecture capable of integrating unlimited content. All these objects together form the content object model. Summary we often wonder how difficult it is to configure ess for any company this article helps you to configure employee self service ess on enterprise portal. For more information about the administration of these capabilities, see the relevant documentation on sap help portal. Secure components imported into the portal archive from content management activities lesson 4. And control content and function according to the phase of the process, the user profile, etc.

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